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Joint Global Statement Group on Climate and Ecodiversity Crises

Joint Global Statement Group on Climate and Ecodiversity Crises

Our response to the climate crisis: the interconnectedness of all species and earth systems requires collective action and collaboration at local and global levels.

In a historical collective response to this crisis, coaching professionals have come together and issued a Joint Global Statement: “Coaching, mentoring, coaching psychology and supervision are concerned with developing the potential of human beings, of raising awareness to enable people to take responsibility for their actions and ownership for their contribution. We have a significant role to play in fostering new ways of being in service to a healthy human society and a healthy planet.”

Coaching is a broad field, with room for people from differing traditions, philosophies of practice and approaches. We know there is a broad spectrum of starting places. For some it is easy to identify how it fits into their practice. And some have never considered this area as relevant and have never considered if and how Climate Conversations might fit into their practice. Wherever people are is where we meet them.

The International Society for Coaching Psychology is a signatory to the Joint Global Statement.

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